Department of Industrial Design

Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria - Nigeria



The Department of Industrial Design at Ahmadu Bello University is strategically positioned to pioneer manpower development in the area of design education in Nigeria. Its leadership role in design education is second to none. Virtually, all tertiary institutions in Nigeria that run industrial design programme have in one way or the other been impacted upon by the Ahmadu Bello University design school. It is imperative that it does not relent in this regard. Pursuant to this noble objective, its 2019 – 23 strategic plan captures amongst others, a proposal for the establishment of a SCHOOL OF ART AND DESIGN comprising of three faculties: Faculty of Industrial Design, Faculty of Visual Arts, Faculty of Music and Performing Arts. Each of these will have three to four departments as the case may be.

The infrastructure, equipment, academic, technical and non-teaching staff requirements including cost implications are carefully articulated in the five year strategic plan. Architectural designs of instructional spaces and cost as well as furniture are not left out. Other issues that receive due attention in the plan include postgraduate and undergraduate enrolment capacity projections for the next five years.

One major component of the strategic plan is curricular development. It aims at broadening teaching, learning and research efforts of the university and of these faculties. It is also tailored towards meeting 21st century technological advancements as well as challenges. It is pertinent that the design curricula continues to evolve as this would position design graduates to fit into production line on graduation and enable them synergize with other graduates of related disciplines.

Forty-five years of industrial design and education practice beget highly trained manpower in the area of design which provides quality service delivery to a lot of local, national, and international industries and tertiary institutions as well – industrial design being a technology driven area of human endeavour.

The proposed SCHOOL OF ART AND DESIGN will get to fruition if supported with full implementation by government, needless to mention the benefits and prospects of doing that. Manpower development for Nigerian cottage and large-scale industries, mentorship of future intellectuals and academics, training of vibrant entrepreneurs that would drive the economy and internally generated revenue prospects are among the anticipated benefits of the Department of Industrial Design Strategic Plan 2019 – 2023.

Our mission is to nurture a department that will be the centre of excellence in teaching, research and to offer consultancy services in all fields of industrial design: ceramics, graphics, textiles, glass technology; and in such other areas in which the knowledge and expertise in industrial design is useful.

To be a leading department of Industrial design producing highly qualified graduates required for the advancement of ceramic design, graphic design, textile design and glass design and technology in Nigeria and beyond, and concurrently ensuring excellence in Industrial design education.